night vision equipment

Expert night Vision Adevice
When using night vision equiment for paranormal investigation, it is
important to know what the current moon phase is because the moon
providesx ambient light. The best result for cryptological investigation
will occur during a full moon, the ground will be more illuminated
and the goggles will work best when searching for each based objects
Our goggles use an automatic gain control and have the least
amount of light gain during full moon. During a new moon they reach their highest level of light gain and capture space based objects the best. There will be 7 to 10 days per month of optimal sky viewing

Ghost and plasma investigations will also benifit most from moonless nights as the goggles becomes the most sensitive to their surroundings, wish an up to 50,000 times light gain. The more ambient light there is, even from clouds reflecting earth light pollution back to the earth, the more sorroundings will be made visible. If you are using our night vision equipment for sky viewing, plasma or ghost investigations outdoors the optimal conditions will be during a new moon phase, as there won't be any ambient light coming from the moon


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