night vision equipment

Our staff - Joshua P. Warren and L.E.M.U.R.
have been featured on the Discovery channel,
History Channel, Travel Channel, TLC,National
Geographic, Sci-Fi Channel Animal Planet, Fine
Living Network, Coast to coast AM, Fox News & Cnn.
Yes , its true , An invisible world becomes visible through our paratemporal goggles, if you look up at a clear sky,you may see an array of shiny stars.But if you look up through our goggles, you will find the earth almost Completely enshroudedwith stunning cluster of heavenly bodies. Stargazing alone is amazing, but when UFO's appear zooming by, you'll probably shout in surprise. Throughit's rare to see a UFO with your naked eyes, if you watch the sky at the appropriate time on a clear evening with our googles,you will most definetely see strange things. We will teach you how to properly use this technology, and the best technique to see UFO's and other anomalies, while ruling out satellites, space junk, and other conventional sights Clarke's 3rd LawAny Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic


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