Paratemporal Night Vision.
Operational Report

L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigators Using Our 3rd Generation NightVision
Goggles At Brown Mountain NC During Our National Geographic TV Special

The great mystery has taken a grand step forward: Whether studying reports of "ghosts," "UFOs" or other paranormal manifestations, glowing balls of high-energy are prevalent. But what is the connection? It is now clear. We are usually dealing with a singular phenomenon of inter-dimensional intelligence that materializes in the form of interactive, seemingly conscious, spheres of light. And history is replete with such accounts.

Many people wonder why we study the Brown Mountain Lights, UFOs, plasmas, and phantoms. Mainstream science tends to dismiss these things as imaginary, or create simple "debunking" answers to explain the sightings. I am about to offer a full disclosure of the most common UFO sightings now taking place, and present an explanation of the value for investigating these reports.

A Plasma Orb UFO Captured Rocketing Skyward Over Brown Mountain In Nightvision.
Beside the more traditional displays. Below A High Resolution Capture Of The Brown Mountain Lights.

In our observations thus far at Brown Mountain, we observed a complex plasma that, until our validation, was believed to be a myth. offers the specific data. Our discovery unveils a complex type of plasma that possesses incredible amounts of energy and maintains cohesive integrity.

In L.E.M.U.R. Research We Were Able To Reproduce Red Using Our Night Vision
Goggles. We Did So By Duplicating The Conditions That Caused The Geiger Counters
To React At Brown Mountain In The Original Investigation Where Brian Irish Captured
The Now Iconic Video. Red Is a Result Of Infrared Energy Overloading The Image Intensifier
Tube And Is Greatly Enhanced If The Goggles Are In An Ionized Environment. There Was No
Reflector Or Natural Source Of Infrared Energy Seen From Other Night Vision Devices
Recording Video At Brown Mountain. The Segment Itself Was Being Recorded In NightVision.
This Image Is An Example Of The Effect. To Date We Been Unable To Produce Blue From The
Goggles. The Princeton Team Who Did Analysis On Our Video For The National Geographic Special
Were Unaware Of The Effects Plasma Played On Our Equipment In Past Investigations. See
The Brown Mountian Website Link For All The Field Report, Pay Special Attention To The EFfects
Plasma Had On Our Geiger Counters. They Were Paid To Reproduce The Anomalies Using All Conventional
Ideas Or Detect Light Leakage And Were Not Able To Find Any Logical Explanation For The Phenomena
Captured During The Investigation In The Special.

We have seen, and documented, these plasmas rocketing skyward into space. Our research has been peer reviewed and published by NASA scientist Charles Yost in The Electric Space Craft Journal.

Aside from Brown Mountain, across the US, we now routinely observe UFOs using our 3rd generation night vision that we have come to believe are plasmas moving about in the night skies. These plasmas, at times, seem coherent, react to a laser pointed at them, and hint at some form of intelligence. We have come to believe many of the UFO sightings now taking place through out the entire world are manifestations of this plasma. The plasma sometimes represents megawatts of complex cohesive, self-maintaining energy; often seeming solid, and highly interactive. It is a phenomenon we simply do not completely understand.

The information I am disclosing has, until now, been highly classified in the United States. Thus far, $700,000 has been spent in Norway studying, quantifying, and documenting the phenomena occurring there, very similar to our Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in NC. The mystery in both Norway and in NC has deepened with investigation.

The coherent energy is an unknown phenomena that sometimes show the characteristics of life, complex chemistry, and (if harnessed) would solve all our energy needs forever.

Europe is way ahead of the US on research, but L.E.M.U.R. has been showcased on a National Geographic Channel Special Paranatural where we shared our findings. We desperately hope to gain additional funding to match the research being done in Norway with our Brown Mountain research.

Obviously, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and so for now, here are important aspects of the full disclosure of these phenomena, now happening world wide:

Whatever this phenomena is, it is being seen all over the world, here are videos being made in Peru of these plasma balls seen in the skies over the TV station. This is not some paranormal investigator filming this, these are being filmed by TV stations all over S. America and Mexico daily, The Govt of Peru asked if these things could be a danger to aircraft and asked for assistance to determine what they were from Mexico. These objects are now appearing world wide.

You can watch 100s of these videos--many over Mexico--and the objects create complex patterns, and interact with each other. The number of manifestations seem to change constantly. These are not balloons. These are the same plasmas being seen all over the earth.

If you search "Mexico UFO Congress" you can see amazing videos of these objects creating complex patterns. In most of the videos, you will see one larger object moving through the swarm. The counts of the objects vary across the videos from small amounts to 1000s!

Compare these to the objects seen from shuttle and ISS missions. We now have insider info from a NASA astronaut who admits these were not visible to the naked eye. These may have been plasmas picked up, like all the anomalies, on the missions with cameras that were IR and UV sensitive. In fact the US's first astronaut, Colonel John Glenn, was quoted as saying that he believed "certain reports of flying saucers to be legitimate."

On Glenn's historic mission February 20, 1962, he radioed all of Earth his eerie description of the greenish-yellow "fireflies" that had approached his space capsule." NASA, at the time, believed these to be life forms. These were also seen during the X-15 lower earth test flights when the craft was moving at 4000 miles per hour and 60 miles up. The glowing objects moved toward the capsule and remained beside it. Here are random examples of these plasmas (not ice crystals) seen in NASA video transmissions.

Let me show you, for lack of a better term, the "birthing process" for how these plasmas reproduce. Compare this to the video taken by the University of Norway where the objects create smaller objects that depart and return to the main plasma.

Ball Lightening is a similar phenomenon, and it too is a little-understood, and potentially far more complex, plasma according to an ESA / NASA study their lab produced on the properties of a life form. These examples of ball lightening, captured in various locations, show inexplicable behaviors.

Such plasmas are seen in space and from earth, but a very similar phenomenon is seen at what are deemed "haunted" locations. Captured by L.E.M.U.R. August 25, 2003 in the Zealandia Castle; Asheville, NC.

This explains one of the most common types of UFO sightings, but certainly not all sightings. Seeing lights and energy does not mean you are seeing a solid, inhabited craft. The plasmas we observe, though, are no less alien to us or less mysterious in nature.

I ask you to please share this blog with others, and that you ONLY comment when you have watched ALL the videos.

You now have full disclosure of the main, and most common, UFO phenomenon now occurring in mass all over this planet. If we can learn to understand this, it represents the potential for a paradigm shift in all aspects of our culture, from fulfillment of our energy needs, to our understanding of life, truly expanding our sciences. This can even open new worlds of understanding reality and consciousness itself.

Mobius / Lemurteam



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